What is Elevate Youth?

Aaron Kent was born in London on the 4th January 1991. He had a challenging upbringing which he could have easily used as an excuse to give up when situations became hard.

By the time he was 15 years old, he had been to 16 different primary and secondary schools across 2 continents whilst constantly being taken back and forth between his parent’s homes who had divorced when he was 6 years old.

At 18 he decided leave his mother’s home in London to live by himself in Salford so that he could pursue a career in Youth Work with an Organisation in Salford.

After 2 weeks of working for the Youth Organisation he was promoted, after 2 months he was promoted 4 times. He realized he was doing what he loved and didn’t want to stop helping improve the lives of people.

By the time he was 19 he represented the Youth Organisation at multiple speaking engagements externally with the Co-Operative, Common Roads Show in Bolton, BBC Radio 5live and more, discussing the issues facing young people today, whilst offering strategies on how to improve the lives of young people and families across England.

He was chosen by the MP of Salford at the time Hazel Blears to represent Salford at the Labour Party’s Nation Youth Conference in Glasgow due to his wisdom, ability to deal with complex situations and his passion to improve the lives of people as well as the calm and composed manner in which he presents himself.

A few months later he was asked to have a meeting with the Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the riots that had just occurred across the majority on England whilst strategically planning ways how they could prevent them from happening in the future. Aaron’s thoughts on the riots are, “Many people had plenty of enthusiasm to riot and loot, without any specific knowledge as to why they are doing so – enthusiasm without knowledge is dangerous”.

Many of the schools that Aaron Kent worked in, whilst with the Youth Organisation, would tell him that they love the way he communicates and changes the behaviours and attitudes of the young people he works with. Parents and teachers were extremely impressed with the way Aaron always goes the extra mile for the children to ensure they achieve the results that were set out for them. The majority of the schools would ask Aaron to work with more young people whilst many headteachers would offer Aaron a permanent position in their school. It became clear that for Aaron to fulfill his potential and use all of his talents, he would have to start his own organisation.

Aaron realised that to fulfill his potential he would have to resign from that Youth Organisation, in order for the burning desire within him to create his own organisation to help improve the lives of young people, parents and families to be made a reality. He took the Leap of Faith and went to the CEO of that Youth Organisation, Aaron told him about his desire to create his own Organisation and carrying out His Purpose in life which is to improve and develop the mindsets and lives of both young people and adults.

After Aaron explained his thoughts, he handed in his resignation which was reluctantly accepted, and 2 months later at the age of 22 years old Aaron Kent created Elevate Youth.

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